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SendantHealth is a premier concierge medicine practice serving the greater Portland, OR area and beyond. Our physicians are primary care specialists that provide individualized attention for all their patients. The concierge medicine model provides our physicians the time to take a preventative approach when providing healthcare. Our physicians practice medicine with open, honest, and personal communication building a genuine relationship between primary care physician and patient. There is an expression we like to use: Living Well. At SendantHealth, we believe it means enjoying all that life has to offer, your health included. Don't put your health on hold.

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At SendantHealth, we have made a commitment to improving your health. Along with that commitment, we strive to provide comfortable, well-equipped facilities in order for you to Live Well. Our concierge medicine model provides patients with the very best primary care physician s and individualized healthcare. SendantHealth's physicians have been trained in the Bale/Doneen Method of heart attack and stroke prevention. Our expanded exams allow a patient's primary care physician to provide an in-depth health risk assessment creating a healthcare model that is proactive, not reactive.